FEYNMAN Technique for More Effective Learning

Learning is one of the unchanging paradigms of human life. During this process the learning styles and methods that we will select will have an important place. Good learning is possible by bringing the obtained knowledge to the level that can be taught. In other words, you must adopt the “teach to learn” motto. The Feynman Technique, which is an effective method that takes these into consideration, is a technique we recommend to use in your studies.

The Feynman Technique was found bu Richard Feynman, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, he tells us in four steps.

Step 1.

He says that you should start by choosing the topic you are interested in and want to learn. He talks about the importance of taking notes of what you have learned. What you are going to take note of is the use of a notebook or similar material, that is, the use of a paper and a pen. Dynamic software applications are not highly recommended.

Step 2.

In this step, things are moving towards teaching rather than learning. Basicly he is saying that the information should be studied like you are teaching to someone else. In other words, he argues that the information has to be explained with simple and descriptive sentences as much as possible to learn.

Step 3.

This step is to realize that there are blanks in the information when performing the previous steps. In such cases, it is not enough to go back to the sources to do research from different sources to complete the deficiencies. This step says that it needs to be repeated until it completes the lack of information while also using other sources.


Step 4.

What is suggested in this step is to resort to analogies. In other words, it is stated that it will be beneficial to reduce the information we learned by using similarities.


The Feynman Technique described above actually outlines the application for what we have learned throughout life. Applying this technique in all learning stages in our lives will be beneficial for permanent learning. Basically being our own teacher is the most basic condition of learning



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